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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Gedebage Stadium is a sports stadium located in Mekar Mulya, District Gedebage, Bandung. Stadium is in between steps Cileunyi Highway 151 and KM-Padalarang Bypass Road Soekarno-Hatta Bandung. Access road to the stadium will be made toll in section 149 KM Cileunyi Toll-Padalarang and road from the railway station and from the Rancanumpang Cimekar. Created also a new road about 2 miles down the highway, in addition to the existing roads. The stadium will be the home base of the football club from the city of  Bandung, namely Persib Bandung season 2013.
The opening and dedication of the original stadium will be held on December 31, 2012 at the retreat will be March 2013 due to the condition of the unfinished stadium constrained factors such as weather and others.
Gedebage Stadium is right in Bandung Ancient lake basin where land is easily collapsed and was built as high as 5 meters from the ground. However, due to soft land use, elevation will drop height of 1.7 meters up to 3.3 meters. Therefore, until the implementation phase of the project is a major obstacle covering over land and permitting delays to PU for openings toll access to transport material. Land for building the stadium is 24.5 hectares, while that with other supporting facilities targeted 40 hectares.
Existing ground for the stadium is in the form of rice with soft clay material generally thickness of 30 meters. Therefore, high-tech engineering construction do like sewing ground with installation tool pipelines PVD (Prefabricated Vertical Drain). PVD is fitted with a distance of 1.3 x 1.3 meters deep as 20 meters.
Each covering land thickness of 30 cm, made ​​installation of geotextile material sheet. Further tailoring of activities covering land soil thickness of 5 meters, 1.7 meters will be dropped so that the stadium is located at a height of 3.3 meters above ground level now. Because this technology is expensive, it is only done on the stadium area of 5000 square meters.
The initial agreement between the provincial government had MoU with Bandung City Government in 2008, 60% agreed proportion of provincial budgets: 40% of Bandung. With notes, land and building the stadium will be an asset province. Recent developments, MoU December 27, 2009, the proportion of the budget is no longer the Gedebage stadium will be built and become an asset of Bandung, West Java province but help for 3 years through the financial aid budget (Bankeu). West Java Province interest in the Gede Bage stadium because the stadium will be the provincial capital and will be the opening PON 2016 in West Java.

Gedebage stadium of international standard in the design, grass used is of the type of Zoysia Matrella (Linn) Merr the grass FIFA standard class. The stadium is equipped with a football pitch, athletics, work, circulation, full roving grandstand roof, service, big screen and a chair with a seat refractory Ferco brand. Because that's the standard FIFA spectator seats only 38,000 people. If without chairs, Gedebage Stadium could accommodate 72,000 people.
Indonesia Standard: SNI T-25-1991-03 STDR. STADIUM PLAN
International Standards: Technical Football Stadium, Recommendation Requirements, FIFA Safety Guidelines.
Building area stadium:
Tread Stadium 5.2 Ha
Landscape 16.9 Ha
4-storey building with an area of ​​72,000 square meters space so that in total with other supporting facilities can reach 40 hectares. There will be a lot of praying and toilet totaling 766 pieces, in addition there is also a head of state VVIP for class president with bulletproof glass and a helicopter pad.

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