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Thursday, April 11, 2013

UNJANI is a result of the development of the high schools that are managed by YKEP namely: College of Technology General Achmad Yani (STTA), School of Economics General Achmad Yani (STIEA) and the High School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (ST MIPA).

Establishment UNJANI established by the Decree of the Chairman of YKEP number: 027/YKEP/1990 dated May 20, 1990 which was subsequently confirmed by the Decree of the Minister of Education by numbers: 0512/O/1990 dated August 9, 1990. During its development, the College of Industrial Technology Bandung (STTIB) which is also managed by YKEP since 1985, joined UNJANI in 1992.
Up to joining STTIB into UNJANI 1992, UNJANI have three (3) Faculty, namely: (1) Faculty of Engineering with a major in: T. Machines, T. Electro, T. Chemistry and D3 Ceramics, T. Civil, T. Metallurgy, T. Industrial Management, (2) Faculty of Economics with a major in Management, Accounting, and (3) Faculty of Science with a major in Chemistry, Physics.
In 1992, UNJANI add faculty in the Faculty Isip environment with Government and the Faculty of Sciences. Medicine. Further development with the addition of Science majoring in International Relations in 1993, majoring in Pharmacy and MIP Program in 1999 and the Faculty of Psychology in 2003. So the total number of study programs managed UNJANI is 20 (twenty) of 14 (fourteen) majors / 6 (six) faculty. In the coming years it is possible UNJANI will continue to expand by opening a new study program, according to community needs.
As a College, High Tridharma UNJANI organized by the legislation in force and oriented to the direction of education policy issued by the minister of Indonesia. On the other hand, in order to develop the institutional, policy and adheres UNJANI conditions set by the foundation founder.


Jl. Terusan Jenderal Sudirman 
PO. Box 148, Cimahi 40533
Tel. : (022) 6656 190 Fax  : (022) 6652 069
Campus of Unjani: 
Jl. Terusan Jenderal Gatot Subroto PO. Box 807, Bandung
Tel. : (022) 7312 741 Fax  : (022) 7309 433

Web: http://www.unjani.ac.id

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