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Friday, January 18, 2013

Stadion Si Jalak Harupat

Si Jalak Harupat is a sports stadium located in the village of Kopo and Cibodas, District Soreang, Bandung regency. The name is taken from the nickname Si Jalak Harupat one of the national heroes of Bojongsoang, namely Otto Iskandardinata Bandung.
Now the stadium becomes the property of the Government of Bandung regency. Persikab Bandung, Bandung regency, who represents Liga Indonesia in making the stadium a cage. Similarly Persikab team shirts, Persib are making this stadium as their homebase.
The stadium was built starting in January 2003 at the Bandung regency led by Regent Obar Sobarna. Furthermore unveiled on anniversary of Bandung regency to 364, on 26 April 2005 by Agum Gumelar who served as Chairman of the Indonesian National Sports Committee.

Facilities available include:

  • Football field as the main arena, with grass types zoyzia matrella lin mer can minimize injury footballer.
  • Lights for 1000 lux field strength that allows execution of the game night.
  • Scoreboard (scoring board) electronics.
  • Track (track) for standard-size athletic track as many as 8.
  • Stands that can accommodate 27,000 to 40,000 spectators.
  • Commercial facilities.
  • Other supporting facilities such as restrooms, cafeteria, locker room players, a referee, and others.

Stadium building area is as follows:

  • 28,177 m² building
  • 7500 m² football field
  • Landscape 13 000 m²
Feasibility assessment
In order to attempt to be a companion to the Bung Karno Stadium hosted the AFC Asian Cup 2007, PSSI secretary general at the time, Nugraha Besoes, conduct a review into the Si Jalak Harupat Stadium on Sunday, February 6, 2005. However, explicitly stated that there is still much that needs to be addressed if this stadium to host international matches. Physically, this stadium is pretty solid and pretty good structure. Only, starling new Harupat to meet local and national qualifications. Field drainage system is good, as well as the grass in the field. It's just that the stands are still using the traditional format, but for a modern stadium audience reserved one seat. Booth to sell tickets still fused to the stadium and outside the stadium complex is not as good stadium proper. In addition, the player has not completed the dressing room massage tables and lockers. Similarly, where the player is still considered less appropriate reserves. Another downside is the location of the stadium is quite far from the hotel. Two field support was assessed as less qualified because the form is not closed. In the AFC veritifikasi Stadium in October 2011 The starling Harupat not get a AFC criteria because many have flaws, but declared eligible to be hosted the Liga Indonesia. When the stadium was used for a time hosted the Asian Champions League, the stadium must be upgraded.
In 2010, the stadium was renovated to improve existing facilities that deserve to be an international stadium. Stands, dressing rooms, ticket booth, and the parts around the stadium is now considered to meet the standards established by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC).
The Si Jalak Harupat stadium serves as the headquarters Persib and Persikab. Pelita Jaya stadium has also been used after switching from Purnawarman Stadium in Purwakarta. However, this time using the Pelita Singaperbangsa Stadium in Karachi as a base. Arsenal also use the stadium on the Indonesian Super League 2009-10, but for the last few games back using Siliwangi Stadium, because the stadium was renovated for the Games Area Sports Week (PORDA) West Java.
The stadium has been a venue for the AFF Suzuki Cup 2008, on the last day of the group stage matches, which must be held together, which at that time also held at the Bung Karno, Main Stadium in Jakarta.

Location: Jl.Terusan Cimahi Cimindi
               Soreang, Bandung District
               West Java, Indonesia

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