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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Siliwangi Stadium in Jln. Lombok London, when the establishment was more dedicated to physical coaching members Kodam III / Siliwangi. This is because the stadium is owned Siliwangi Kodam III / Siliwangi, does not belong to Bandung West Java provincial government or municipal government. As yet it has a more representative stadium in the city of Bandung to hold large sporting events, the stadium with a capacity of around 25,000 spectators are as synonymous with cage Persib Bandung. The stars of Arsenal, as Adjat Sudradjat, Iwan Sunarya, Robby Darwis, and most of the other Arsenal players, underwent formulation by using Siliwangi Stadium. Nothing wrong there too byword that says, "Do not ever feel like if you have not watched bobotoh direct 'The Maung' Siliwangi Stadium".

Early Development
Perhaps many do not know where the stadium is the pride of the Bandung Bandung was built to commemorate the events of the Lake of Fire (BLA) on March 24, 1946. Or maybe even one yet knows if the stadium is actually built for Siliwangi dedicated to 200 000 of the Bandung who have volunteered all his property that burned down in the event of BLA. Exactly 8 years after the event, on the initiative of Chief of Army and Territory III, Col. Inf AE Kawilarang began construction of stadiums for sports events of the Bandung and for training soldiers Siliwangi.
Built on land owned by Kodam, construction costs collected from payroll deduction Kodam soldiers and employees for 2 years. A number of cents is behind the salaries of the soldiers and employees that were cut. And because the condition of the soil in the clay Bandung, each day two companies of the army was forced to take the land from Lembang for a few weeks.
With all the hard work and passion Siliwangi, eventually only within 2 years of the stadium was completed. But there was only the main stand and made of wood.
Early Utilization
Right on January 1, 1956 the stadium was inaugurated by Chief Kawilarang. For entertainment, there was a friendly match between Arsenal London against Persija Jakarta. In 1961, the stadium is also a place to hold the National Sports Week (PON) V which was opened by President Soekarno.

In January 1, 1976, experience rejuvenation Siliwangi Stadium. Almost all parts of the stadium demolished. Construction of the stadium this time done by PT Propelat involving about 300 workers. The process of construction of the stadium began in December 1975 and only took 6 months to complete a full stadium with stands around the field and the field of international standard. The grass was accidentally imported from Australia, the green grass carpet. According to the head of the Siliwangi Stadium construction project, the grass seed was stocked to the rest of the field and germinated for 2 months. So with drainage and grass are supported, when it rains the water will seep in less than 5 minutes.

Right on May 20, 1976 to coincide with the 30th anniversary of Kodam III / Siliwangi, the stadium was re-inaugurated by Maj. Gen. Sutanto Hima, Siliwangi military commander at the time

Current Conditions
Unfortunately the stadium is where the pride of the citizens of Bandung, today more downs proud. Especially when seen facilities that never changes. The use of green carpet that has been aligning Siliwangi Stadium Senayan Stadium (now Bung Karno) and Tambak Sari Stadium Surabaya who was then the grandest stadium in Indonesia, began to recede. Of course this is due to the care that is not / less attention. Since the planning based PT Propelat, field conditions will always be in prime condition when in 10 years time should digemburkan back. And due to this ground in the field have never digemburkan back, then it is natural that the current field conditions Siliwangi always flooded when it rains.

Renovation of the stadium

Starting in April 2011, the manager of the stadium to renovate the stadium. Renovation is quite significant because it will increase the stadium's capacity from 25,000 to 36,000 spectators. All bench peonton also be overhauled in order to improve the stadium facilities. Is the stadium not sure when this repair is completed.

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